Making An Impact

Young Life is active in various high schools in the Wichita Falls area and is making a difference in kids' lives. Young Life staff and volunteers actually "go" to where teenagers are and pursue them with quality friendship.  For over 30 years in the Falls, Young Life leaders have been "hanging out" with kids in the hopes of forging lasting relationships and offering them a front row seat to the Greatest Story ever told...the Story of Christ and His amazing love.

A Ministry of Presence

It might be at a Friday night football game, or volleyball practice, or a mid-day pep rally...
It might be a camping trip, or lunch at Sevi's, or joking around in the school parking lot...
Wherever our teenage friends are, we want to be there too...encouraging them, laughing with them or meeting some of their buddies.  We want teenagers in Wichita Falls, no matter what they think of God or Christianity, to know that there are some older folks who want to know their story and want to walk alongside them through these often turbulent teenage years.
Not all of us are goobers...We do have friends our own age...its just that we remember what being a teenager was like. 

Young Life Wichita Falls | 3406 Buchanan St Wichita Falls, TX 76308-1825

Phone: (940) 696-8102

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